Workmans Comp, Workers Comp and Workers’ Compensation

Posted on: Jan 23rd, 2017 by Bill Gregory

Is there a difference between Workmans Comp, Workers Comp and Workers’ Compensation? No. All three terms are the same and refer to the Act known as the Workers Compensation Act.  The Workers Compensation Act and lawyers who know how to maneuver within it, is the basis for the rights to which an injured worker is entitled when injured on the job.  The Act itself it broad and complex, but the many cases that interpret it, are so voluminous that an injured worker needs an attorney who practices workers compensation almost exclusively.  An injured worker is best served by a workmans comp lawyer who knows the ins and outs of the law, not someone who dabbles in many types of law.  Just like you would not allow a family medicine doctor to perform back surgery, an injured worker should not retain a lawyer who is not knee deep in workmans comp cases on a daily basis.  There are too many tricks the work comp insurance companies can pull to mess with the rights of an injured worker.