Pedestrian Accidents


In pedestrian accidents, the injuries are often terrible. The injured pedestrian may not even know what happened. In many pedestrian accidents, an immediate investigation is necessary. Chad Rankin and Bill Gregory from RG Injury Law lead the charge in every pedestrian injury case to make sure the necessary evidence is gathered and preserved. Common evidence needed to support a pedestrian accident case includes communication with the police, getting statements from all the witnesses, taking photographs of the scene, vehicles, and the people involved, and sometimes an accident reconstruction expert needs to be hired. RG Injury Law will take care of the investigation so that you can focus on getting better.

Chad and Bill have handled many pedestrian accidents.  Many of their pedestrian accidents have involved clients who are struck by vehicles turning or running a red light while the client is legally crossing a street in the crosswalk.  Recently Bill recovered a substantial six figure settlement for a pedestrian accident where the client was properly crossing the street in a crosswalk.  The at fault driver was not paying attention when he made a left turn, which caused him to strike he pedestrian.