Motorcycle Accident


Motorcycle accidents are usually catastrophic for obvious reasons and not so obvious reasons. The obvious reason is that motorcycle accident injuries are frequently severe and too often fatal. The non-obvious reason is the problem with insurance coverage.  At times, the injuries and damages usually exceed the amount of insurance coverage. The motorcycle accident lawyers at RG Injury Law treat every motorcycle accident with great precision, skill and care.  Each motorcycle accident requires and receives an investigation into all potential sources of insurance coverage. For instance, if you purchased stacking coverage on your car insurance policy, you may be able to recover from your car insurance for your motorcycle accident even if the policies are with two different insurance companies.  You may be able to collect from your insurance policy if you were a passenger on a motorcycle.  Specifically, if you are the passenger on a motorcycle that is involved in an accident and that motorcycle is not a vehicle in your household, then you may be entitled to recover from your insurance.

Many people do not realize until after speaking with a motorcycle accident lawyer that their insurance is lacking.  Many motorcycle insurance policies do not contain the same levels or same types of insurance normally found on a car policy.  For example, many motorcycle insurance policies do not insure you for medical bills and wage loss.

The motorcycle accident lawyers at RG Injury Law have spent decades helping families of deceased riders and people injured in motorcycle collisions.