Leola, Leocock and Bareville Injury Law

Lancaster PA courthouse personal injury law

Unique to the Leola, Bareville, Leacock and New Holland area are several large employers where work injuries are common, such as Dart Container and Tyson. Also, with the increased traffic in the area, car accidents are more commonly occurring as the roads are not yet equipped to handle the increase in car volume.

The hardworking people of Leola, Leacock, Bareville and New Holland who are injured at work or in a car accident demand tough and fair representation. Chad Rankin and Bill Gregory at RG Injury Law pride themselves on representing this portion of Lancaster County with same fervor they use for all cases. In fact, they have an office right at 342 East Main Street to better serve the local community.

When needed, Chad and Bill aggressively pursue claims for the financial benefit of their clients. This provides the hardworking people of Leola, Leacock, Bareville and New Holland the peace of mind they deserve while they recover from a car accident or workers compensation injuries. Unlike other injury lawyers from Lancaster or Philadelphia, Chad and Bill do not strong arm their clients into a quick settlement. They take their time explaining all facets of the case to their clients, so their clients can make the decisions on the how case will proceed and resolve.

If you were injured in a car accident or you are going through the workers’ compensation system, give Chad or Bill a call to discuss your options and learn your rights. Consultations are free and there is never a fee unless you get money.