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The insurance company should provide you the documentation which outlines what they will pay you and for what medical bills they will pay.

Yes, you should be concerned.  The documents which accept your injury should be accurate as the injury you sustained and the average wage you earned per week over the last year.

We strongly encourage injured workers to not allow their doctors to speak with anyone but the injured worker, as those “secret” conversations can have adverse consequences.

The value of your case depends on a number of factors including the injuries, the medical treatment for those injuries, the amount of time needed to address those injuries, whether there are permanent impairments from those injuries, the amount of lost wages and potential loss of future wages, the past medical expenses and the future medical expenses, if there is any scarring or disfigurement, and whether punitive damages are warranted.  If your case is Workers compensation related then it should only be handled by an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer. The Attorneys at RG Injury Law have spent their entire careers working on personal injury and workers compensation cases.  In fact, Bill Gregory worked for an insurance company evaluating cases prior to becoming a lawyer.  This unique perspective and the extensive experience from both attorneys give the clients of RG Injury Law a solid understanding of the value of their cases.

Unfortunately, the payment of medical bills does not automatically indicate that your claim has been accepted.  In fact, under the law the workers’ compensation insurance carrier can pay for your medical treatment and still deny your claim.  It is best to contact a lawyer to seek all the benefits you deserve.

In Pennsylvania, if your employer has workers’ compensation insurance, you are most likely not able to seek pain and suffering damages from your employer, and the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act governs your rights.  However, if you were injured at work at the hands of an unrelated third party (like being in an automobile accident while you were working) you may be able to seek pain and suffering damages against the responsible third party.  Rankin & Gregory can advise you as to what you are entitled to collect and you can be assured that we will fight for every penny that you deserve.

If you have not fully recovered from your work injury your wage loss benefits should continue if your employer has not offered you a job where you earn your average weekly wage.  RG Injury Law can help keep your benefits going while you seek the treatment you need to fully return to work.

Even though it appears that your claim is running smoothly, it is no cost to you to speak with RG Injury Law for a consultation to be sure that you are receiving the benefits you deserve.

If you have been released to return to work within your work injury restrictions by your treating doctor, then you have an obligation to look for work within those restrictions.  However, you do have rights and you should be compensated while you are not working.  RG Injury Law can fully explain your rights and responsibilities when you have been released to return to work but your employer has not brought you back to work.

Taking the right action after a car crash is very important. We have dedicated an entire page to What to Do After a Car Crash

Taking the right action after a car crash is very important. We have dedicated an entire page to Should I Talk to an Insurance Comapany After a Car Accident

Taking the right action after a car crash is very important. We have dedicated an entire page to Should I Give a Recorded Statement After a Car Accident

Taking the right action after a car crash is very important. We have dedicated an entire page to What should I Do After a Car Accident

General Legal Questions

Do I need an attorney?

Insurance companies are in the business of making money. If insurance companies think that they can avoid paying you benefits that you deserve, they will not pay you. They will avoid paying you unless you have an experienced and successful personal injury or workers compensation attorney. Chad Rankin and Bill Gregory only handle personal injury and workers compensation cases for decades. They have settled or won more than 99% of their cases. While we cannot guarantee you a settlement or a victory, when you are a client of RG Injury Law, you have aggressive attorneys with extensive experience and proven results.


Is it better to have an attorney from Philadelphia?

Choosing an attorney is a very important decision.  You want someone who will be attentive to your needs and aggressive with your case.  Although located in Lancaster, RG Injury Law have practiced all over central and eastern Pennsylvania, including Philadelphia.  We know how the system works in Pennsylvania, no matter where you live or where you were injured.  We have the small town compassion and service you expect AND we provide the big city results you deserve.

Who will pay for my medical bills?

This answer depends on the circumstances of your case. We have more information on specific case details on our practice area pages. You can also read our articles ‘Who will pay for my medical bills after a car crash?’ and ‘Responsibilities After Getting Injured at Work’

Rankin & Gregory work for you.

When you are injured at work your focus should be on getting better so you can return to work, but you may have many questions about your rights, responsibilities and if the insurance company is properly handling your claim.  Having an attorney who knows the law, the system and how the insurance companies work can alleviate your concerns while you focus on getting healthy.  We can give you the comfort  that you deserve while you recover and get back to work.  William Gregory and Chad Rankin will aggressively enforce your rights with the insurance company so your benefits are not improperly stopped.  At the same time we are mindful of your desire to return to work so we can ensure a smooth transition.

If you have been injured at work and your benefits have not been started.  RG Injury Law will work to expedite your claim as fast as possible.  We know that being out of work can cause financial hardships, and the worry about getting paid can certainly affect your recovery.  That is why RG Injury Law will do everything the law will allow to move your case as fast as possible through the system to get you the money you deserve.